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Allie’s Q and A if you didn’t see it!

Published April 10, 2011 by terraspencer

Q & A with Allie Theiss

Allie Theiss has been in the metaphysical business for 30 years and runs her own website at www.gypsyadvice.com  Allie is a good friend of mine and is considered an expert in the field on OBE, Out of Body Experience.  She has taught classes online and in person on it.  She has her own blog dedicated to OBE SEX (www.outofbodyecstasy.com) and is a firm believer in the OBE experience.  Today, we got lucky and she stopped by to chat with us about OBE!

Terra:  Hi, Allie!  I am so happy you could take the time out of your busy professional life and chat with us. 

Allie: Thanks for having me Terra!

Terra: Can you explain without too much detail what OBE is?

Allie: Sure – not a problem.

Out of body experiences are short-term episodes where the conscious mind, via the energy body, separates from the physical body enabling a person to engage in and observe the world from outside their physical perspective. An out of body experience can be just as vivid and “real” as a physical experience.

Terra:  How did you get your start in OBE?  A friend, a book, a class or did you always know how to do OBE?

Allie: I’m remember one night kind of in and out of sleep – the next thing I knew I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach (like when you go down the 1st hill of a roller coaster) and I was standing up looking out the my bedroom window. Since I couldn’t remember how I got there – or why – I turned to go back to my bed and noticed I was still lying there. It freaked me out and right then my astral body went back to my physical body. Needless to say I didn’t sleep much that night. Later on I read books by Robert Bruce and William Buhlman to understand and perfect my techniques.

Terra: Is OBE hard for people to do or can the average person walking on the street do OBE?

Allie: I’m not going to lie – it’s difficult. We all have a predisposition for OBE but it’s our fear that keeps us grounded. If someone wants to OBE it is going to take practice. You practice enough and you will be able to OBE with the best of them!

Terra: With that said where should someone who has never done OBE and wants to, start?

Allie: Two by Robert Bruce (who I just adore):
Astral Dynamics
Mastering Astral Projection – 90 Days

He also has a great web site: Astral Dynamics – http://www.astraldynamics.comAdventures Beyond The Body

One great book by William Buhlman:

Terra: What do you consider the biggest misconception to OBE is?

Allie: The number one misconception that people ask me about is the worry that a person’s astral body will not be able to find its way back to the physical body. No worries folks – none at all. The astral body always finds its way back because it is connected to the physical body by a very strong, energy cord

Terra: And for those wanting to get kinky with this, can you actually have sex during an OBE session?

Allie: Most certainly! You can have OBE sex via astral travel, dreams and telepathic connection. Most people say – yeah right. But once they give it a try it’s more like OMG! OBE sex is great if you’re solo or in a relationship. Your partner can be close by or across the world for all energy is connected. Spatial distance is not a factor.

Terra: Wow.  I might have to try that and that is great you offer an online beginners class on OBE-sex.  What about a more advance class?

Allie: It’s fun Yes; right now I have a beginner’s class and an advanced class. Both are DIY right now. You can by them separately or together to save money. I will be adding more classes come fall 2011 that will be done via webinar.

Terra: Do you plan to offer any OBE classes without the sex?

Allie: Right now at GypsyAdvice.com I do have a telepathic connection and a lucid dreaming class. Soon I’ll add astral travel to the mix!

Terra: I think it’s important to cover the dangers when doing things for those who are new to it.  I have heard of people doing OBE while they were daydreaming.  I heard this can be very dangerous.  What are your thoughts on it and do you think people should try OBE only at night?

Allie: I do it all the time when I’m daydreaming – there’s no more danger to doing OBE then there is taking your car for a drive – or eating a piece of meat. Anything can happen to anyone at anytime. But I am one who believes in protective measure when I do OBE.

Terra: Are there any other dangers people should be aware of when doing OBE?

Allie: Just like in the physical reality, there is good and bad in the astral planes. Lower energies like to attach themselves to higher energy. If you feel something heavy coming towards you – turn around and think of someplace else to go higher up in the planes. I like to have a water fountain in the area where I OBE – the running water is a constant source of protection.

You could sometime go off into a much higher dimension where there are no “bodies” – just spheres of energy. That isn’t something to be afraid of, but it is something to watch out for. If you’re permitted into a dimensional layer – that means your energy is equipped to handle it. Explore and learn.

Terra: Where can people learn more about OBE?

Allie: From my web site: http://www.outofbodyecstasy.com or Robert Bruce’s site: http://www.astraldynamics.com

Terra: Is there anything else you would like to add before you get going?

Allie: When you first do not succeed – try, try again! To be able to OBE is such a freeing feeling – there isn’t anyone, any time period, that you cannot visit on some level.

Once you have an OBE trip – remembering it can be hard. This too will take practice (it’s like trying to remember a dream). You have to write down everything you remember as soon as you return.

Terra: I’m sure my readers will agree this has been some great information on OBE.  I know I learned a few things.  🙂  Again, thanks Allie for joining us today! 

For more on OBE and Allie, please visit her website at www.gypsyadvice.com  or visit my page on Allie Theiss that will be up until May 2011.  The Q&A itself will be in the achieve blog after May and you can access it at anytime in the future.

Terra Spencer

Spiritual Guide & Advisor