So hoping I don’t get booted from wordpress over a password issue

Published December 16, 2013 by terraspencer

I tried to get into my account today but was having no luck. couldn’t remember the password or email it was set up under until after I asked WordPress to look into it. Luckily I figured it out on my own but have no way to let WordPress know I no longer need them to look into the issue. Great. So I went and reset my email to a more current one I use and am hoping they see this and realize I overcame the problem. 🙂
Not sure what else to do…any thoughts or suggestions?

On another note…
Looking to do a Q&A with Allie on doing blog shows online. You know the ones where you go to a site and can call to ask questions or get readings for free. I tune in once in a while when I feel the need so I think it’s not uncommon for many of us to know about them. Also believe there are a lot of people thinking of doing these kinds of shows but have no idea what they really are like or what goes into running them. Now granted it won’t be a full interview but it will have some good answers to it for those seeking them. Look between now and mid Jan for this to be posted. Not sure with the holidays and her schedule if it will get on here before Jan. but never know. I’ll keep you posted.



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