reality of the biz

Published December 6, 2013 by terraspencer

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I did readings and fairs. I had a Facebook full of people who were contacts and what I thought at the time were friends. One day I looked at the list and my life and realized it was a means to an end. The list, my life and my readings were aimed at money. So not me. So I deleted my Facebook and stopped doing any readings. I needed the break. Not because I was burnt out but due to the fact having my life filled with people/contacts who were there to gain me money was not what I wanted or who I am.

Looking back, I think it was the brightest moment in my career as a tarot card reader. I gained real friends and put money on the back burner. I found when I came back to the metaphysical world, my life was more full and I was real.

Some people won’t care if their lives are filled with contacts who gain them an audience and money. Some will be fine with ‘means to an end’ lists. I was not one of them. I could not be in a world about fame and cash. I wanted to help people. Though being a tarot card reader is a business, it doesn’t mean money comes first in my life. Money is a side effect of helping those who need it. Money is not the goal. My goal is to be good at what I do and help those seeking out answers.

Look around you, do you feel money controls your actions. Do you only befriend those who might gain you access to more money or fame? If you say yes, are you okay with it? If it bothers you, take control and make money be a second or third or fourth issue to things like friends, helping and/or happiness.

Our business is filled with pit holes and things that will only bring us down. This is one of them, I believe. For me it was a great lesson and I am grateful to have learned it. Now I go ahead with my gifts with helping in the fore front. I gained real friends who I have their best interest at heart and they have mine. I look to the future with a happy heart to meet and help those who need it. Money is far from my goal now and I hope it always stays that way.



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